1. Just a thought: You are not “uprooting” yourself and your family when you leave galus. You are returning to your roots.

2. Announcement from Israel’s Foreign Minister for a Day (me): The enlightened ones have declared that an entire society must be punished for the crimes of those who emerge from this society. Interesting!  Effective immediately, Israel’s policy is that the entire society from which our enemies emerge will be held responsible and punished with full force.  There will be no more “lone wolves”, no more excuses, no more knocking on rooftops, no more innocent civilians, no more pinpoint, surgical strikes.  In addition, justice will be exacted for terrorist atrocities committed by previous generations.  The living benefited from the deeds of the dead, and they must pay for them. Systemic terrorism is everyone’s responsibility, and blood reparations must be paid.  Have a nice day.

3. The frum Jews who kissed butts last night thought it would be over. Now Far Rockaway is on lockdown. Maybe they should grovel more. Maybe they should keep hoping goyim will protect them from other goyim. Or maybe they should come home and stop being shmattes.

6. A friend shared this video with me with the following comment: “Listen starting from the 8 minute 30 second mark. Someone with a really big following in the US saying it is time to go home.”

Holy cow! On the one hand, he is stating point blank that basically you’re crazy if you don’t leave right now. But then he says he can’t bring himself to leave even though he is 100% sure he has to. So should I admire his honesty and self-awareness, or be dismayed by his inability to get unstuck and save his life while he is publicly urging other people to leave galus immediately?

Clearly this is a step in the right direction, but it’s also sideways. If only he would say, “I have everything here and moving is a monumental hurdle, but I’m taking the next flight out, and I beg you to join me.”

It’s encouraging and terribly sad at the same time.

Rabbi Wallerstein, we don’t know each other, I am surely not on a level to preach to you, and I doubt you will even see this. But if you do, please, JUST COME! And bring more people with you! You are a giving person; if saving your own life isn’t enough to get you unstuck, do it for the pikuach nefesh of other people.

Regardless of how easy or hard life will be, we will be home in our land with our people, with more protection from Hashem than we will get anywhere else. Whatever God brings us from there we will accept with love, and after 120 we will not regret it.