1. Black Lives Matters has some New Commandments. And the people said “Na’aseh V’nishma”.

Rashi explains: Just as by Har Sinai, the Jews told God that they fully accepted whatever He would command them without even knowing the details first, the racist, anarchist, Jew-haters at Black Lives Matters are being given a blank check by American society. Whatever they want, whatever they demand, must be granted. It cannot even be questioned. If you even hit the pause button, you are a hate-filled racist who must be destroyed. If you even stay silent, and do not loudly support them fully, then the same is fast becoming true. They must be given total, unswerving allegiance for whatever they declare today, and tomorrow that won’t be nearly enough.

Tosfos adds: Come to Israel already, stupid.

2. On that note, a very prominent American rabbi was quoted as saying that the time to go to Israel is when it is no longer possible to make ends meet or you are in actual physical danger. With mechila to his kavod, that is not a great strategy. By the time you have no money and your life is in danger, it might no longer be possible. Even if it is, that’s no way to travel. The time to leave a burning building is as soon as it starts to burn, not when you run out of oxygen and the flames are licking your shirt.

3. Part of Seattle has been overtaken and declared an autonomous zone. Time for a Deal of the Century in America.

4. The people supporting the riots are the same people who urge Israel to show restraint. Know thy enemy.

5. This man has his head on straight and a great attitude!


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