This incredibly dense reaction from a galus Jew comes from an article published in Mishpacha Magazine on February 26, 2020. The Chief Rabbi of Frankfurt is quoted as follows: “No one thought before this Yom Kippur that something like the Halle attack would happen in Germany. Paris and Brussels, yes, but not here, because Germany takes good care of Jews. And then we thought it was a problem in Berlin and the east of Germany that have large Muslim communities and lots of anti-Semitism.”

Yup, it’s inconceivable that something like this could have happened in Germany. Totally unprecedented!

I can think of many millions of people who might think otherwise, but what do they know? Besides, Germany said they’re sorry.

The fact that something so ridiculous could be uttered by a prominent Orthodox rabbi and published in an Orthodox magazine without raising eyebrows shows the extent of the mental illness afflicting galus Jews. All the Torah sources in the world will not convince them, because they have lost the ability to reason or accept the truth. The only thing that can reach these people is when the trauma hits home and rocks their world — and by then it might be too late. It’s tragic, of course, but what alternative is there?

All it took to impair this rabbi’s ability to think clearly was a fancy title and a salary.

No one thought it could happen in Germany! Germany takes good care of Jews!