Nefesh B’Nefesh

Continuing our mission.

Helping you realize your Aliyah dream.

We are so inspired to see, that even in these uncertain times, so many people are moving forward with their Aliyah plans and we are here to help you make it home.

Nefesh B’Nefesh is here for you at every stage of your Aliyah journey. Explore the many topics in our Aliyahpedia. Speak to an NBN Aliyah advisor, for personal guidance through the process or join one of our virtual events.

We can help you plan your move, find the right communitystart your job search, advise you about your rights and benefits and help you ease into your new life in Israel.

Check out stories and videos from Olim about Aliyah
and life in Israel.


Partners in Aliyah

A Proactive & Supportive Network Navigating the Aliyah Process

For those wanting to make aliyah as well as those who are already living in Israel and want to help.


Partners In Aliyah is here to help Jews from around the world with the process of Aliyah. This site offers a wide range of information regarding all parts of the Aliyah process.

You can create a profile on the site After your account is created, you’ll be asked to create a profile. This will allow for people to search the site and find others based their profile details. Once your profile is created you’ll have a dedicated page on our site that includes a chat forum!

You can search the site for a term, such as a place you’d like to explore, or an occupation, or any topic at all. The search will show you profiles as well as chat forums that match your search criteria.

We offer a wide range of forums with answers to numerous questions regarding Aliyah. As a registered user you can participate in the forums.

We ask that you share this site with friends and family who are also interested in the Aliyah process- either in making Aliyah or helping those wishing to make Aliyah. The more people we have on the site the bigger statement we can make to Jews around the world that now is the time to come home.


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