Aliyah Now is a newly-forming group of longtime pro-Israel and pro-aliyah grassroots activists based in Israel who have come together in response to the October 7 attack on Israel and the ongoing war which has triggered a dangerous tsunami of anti-Semitism throughout the world. All of us are unpaid volunteers. We believe that there is no future for Jewish life in the Diaspora and that Aliyah must become a NUMBER ONE national emergency project, both for the Government of Israel and for the major organizations of Diaspora Jewry. In Israel we are creating a lobby to push the Government and official Aliyah-related agencies to formulate plans for the evacuation of Diaspora Jews should an emergency situation arise, and to begin the steps necessary to insure adequate housing for the mass immigration which is certain to occur, whether it be this year or in the not-to-distant future. Concerning the Jews around the globe, we are working to heighten people’s awareness to the severity of the situation, to educate people to our history-long of expulsion from one foreign land to the next, to the periods highlighted by seeming refuge and acceptance until the nations invariably teach us that we do not belong in gentile lands. Steadfast in our belief in the Torah and in Hashem’s promise to return all of His children to our Land, we believe that the visions of our Prophets are unfolding in our time with the ingathering of the exiles and with the miraculous rebuilding of the modern State of Israel which has become an international leader in all fields and the Torah center of the world.

A partial list of our group includes:

Rabbi Yosef Mendelevich, former prisoner of Soviet Russia; Jonathan Pollard, former prisoner of America; Rabbi Leo Dee, terror victim; Joshua Wander from Bring Them Home (on aliyah); Yehuda HaKohen from Vision Magazine; Rabbi Steve Pruzansky and Rabbi Larry Rothwachs, recent olim from Teaneck, N.J;  Ari Abramovitz and Jeremy Gimpel from the Land of Israel Network; Yishai Fleisher, Spokesman for Hevron; Meir Indor, founder of Sarel; Rabbi David Samson, author of “Torat Eretz Yisrael”; Avi Abelow of Pulse of Israel; Rabbi Elie Mischel of Mizrachi Magazine; Eve Harrow, Israel commentator; Hila Oz, Israel advocate; Yonaton Behar, Yesha Rep; Richard Shusteris from Haredi Aliyah; Tzvi Fishman, author; Lone Soldiers, and more.