I worked as a head hunter for 5 yrs placing trust officers in banks throughout the US over 20 yrs ago.

I don’t work with CVs or Resumes

I moderate a Facebook group:

Israel Chesed Opportunities Job Opps in Israel http://www.facebook.com/groups/313101908806188/ 

My career counseling is very simple and requires the searcher to do homework and think and focus and pray.

Here are 10 steps to Identifying your Tafkid and earning Parnassah.

Step 1) Recognize that HKBH gifted each of us with a unique set of skiils, talents, abilities, education, experiences, personality,… He gives us these so that we can:

        a) identify what our Tafkid-mission in life is and

        b) use them to fulfill that Tafkid(im)

Step 2) Physically write out an inventory of all your experiences: jobs, course work, camps, chuggim, hobbies, volunteering, mentoring, parenting, studenting etc. You need to expand, not just a job title, but break down all aspects of each job, each life/educational experience.

Step 3) Highlight the aspects of this inventory of those things that speak to you, that resonate within you. That speak to your heart. Listen to the messages that HKBH is sending you.

Step 4) Write out your ideal job description. Not a job title, but what things you will actually have a passion for doing.

Step 5) Once you have this Ideal Job Description, you will have what to Focus on when you pray to GD. Keeping in mind the Pasuk in Psalm 145 (Ashre) Poteach Et Yadecha u Masbia L’chol chai ratzon. Who opens up his hand and fulfills the desire of every living thing.

Step 6) When you pray to HKBH, focus on your ideal job description. Say to GD, I believe that my Tafkid, based upon the unique set of skills, Talents, abilities, experience, education, personality is: XYZ, 123. Please help me fulfill my tafkid while using that as a vehicle to provide me with parnassah so that I may fulfill the mitzvot of Living in the Land of Israel, providing for my family, participating in Tzedakah efforts and encouraging others. I recognize that everything comes from you, but at the same time it needs to appear as ‘derech haTeva’

Step 7) Once you have the focus that your ideal job description (IDJ) provides, then you need to do the hishtadlut=effort to get the word out. Share your IJD with all of your contacts, personal and business. Ask them to help you by passing it along.

Step 8) When applying for a posted job that asks for a CV. Start your CV with what you goals/IDJ are.

Step 9) Keep praying and have your eyes and mind open for HKBH to present you your ideal job. It might not present itself in a ‘traditional’ form.

Step 10) Express you HaKaret HaTov to HKBH and everyone who has helped along the way.

Hillel Levin
Ma’ale Adumim; overlooking Yerushalayim, Ir HaKodesh for 3000 years.
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Israel Chesed Opportunities Job Opps in Israel